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Some days before, after reached my office, i tried to access my web application, its show me a error message «Too many connections«, so I immediately logged in mysql server and checked the mysql service, it shows me «Running…» and then i connect mysql using 

«mysql -u root -p»

its connected successfully. And then i checked current processlist using the below command,

«Show processlist»

its shows me around 370 queries waiting in the queue which is more than max_connections. I had bad memory to remember everything, i just forget what maximum connection i set to this variable. To find this i edit the my.cnf file and it was 360. Actually this max_connections is a system variable and its default value is 151 which provides better performance. For my application, 151 is not enough, so we set to 360. But on that day we didn’t except this will…

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