The PC Has Been Decentralized — Mobile Is the New Center


I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to articulate what’s been happening in the multi-screen era we have shifted to.

I say “shifting” because there are many markets where one screen still dominates most consumers‘ connected experiences. What is fascinating about those markets is that it’s a mobile device that’s the primary computing device for these consumers — not a PC with a mouse and keyboard designed to be used in a stationary setting.

I’ve never liked the term “post-PC,” primarily because in many western markets, the mouse-and-keyboard PC is still being used in conjunction with other connected devices. The term “post-PC” carries with it a tone that de-emphasizes the role of the PC more than it should. The other term we have used, which I no longer like, is the “PC plus” era. This term emphasized that the mouse-and-keyboard PC was still relevant, but it puts too…

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