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Spotlight on Street Photography Blogs

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Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully:

Jimmy on the Run

365 From the Archive

Über die Webbographie

Sami Alramyan

Without an H

Perpetuum Mobile

A Walk with My Camera

Bones, Mugs & Harmony

Feeling inspired? Create your own photoblog with one of our gorgeous photography themes, and check out these handy tips if you’re new to photoblogging. Or, start incorporating more photographs on your current blog by getting in on the weekly photo challenge over at The Daily Post.

Want more? Follow street photography in your reader to browse all the latest posts published on the topic across all of

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phpmaster | 10 Tips for Better Coding.

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Una guia muy completa de Google para el desarrollo de paginas web con HTML y CSS

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